Meet the pastor

Pastor Joe Gunby grew up in Winder, Ga., went to Athens Christian for most of his school years, then attended Berry College, Candler, and most recently, Duke Divinity School, where he is currently writing a doctoral thesis focused on answering the question, “Why is it that when the church sends a Spirit-filled ministry candidate off to theology school, they come back confused and ill-equipped?”

He is grateful to be our new pastor because of our kindness, generosity and eagerness to praise the triune LORD together and keeping our focus on the God we serve together. “He must increase; I must decrease.”

Joe’s wife Julie hails from Johnson City, Tenn., a UGA alumna who bleeds red and black. She works as a midwife delivering babies for uninsured women at Gwinnett Medical Center. Through her work, he has a renewed appreciation for the importance of lay ministry. By doing what she does with sensitivity and the love of Jesus, she is a minister, too. 

Joining Pastor Joe and Julie are their three children—Lena (8), Etta (5), and Simon (3), who received a warm welcome on their first Sunday with VBS, providing them with an immediate, loving introduction to their new church home. 

Glad to Be Among You,

pastor joe